How Does a Tesla Coil Work?

Tesla coils are systems known as dual mode resonant transformers. This means they use the natural phenomena of resonance to take a small voltage, like what comes out of a wall plug, and transform it into the much higher voltage used to create an arc. This works the same way as shaking a flag pole – a small motion at the bottom is amplified to a big motion at the top.

How Big is a Tesla Coil?

While we typically manufacture 3 standard sizes, any size can be custom built. We describe a Tesla coils size by its arc length. Our standard models are 1MTC, 2MTC, and 3MTC. These correspond to 1m (3ft), 2m (6ft), and 3m (10ft) arc lengths. Our equipment can be setup to run on ANY power supply world wide.

Where Can I Use a Tesla Coil?

We’ve installed Tesla coils upside down and right side up, indoors and out, in theaters, museums, and research facilities all over the world. We have a tremendous amount of experience integrating this equipment into your tour or infrastructure. Send us a drawing or give us a call. We will make your vision a reality!

Will the Tesla Coil Play Music?

aTTi Tesla coils have the capability of playing music through our custom MIDI software.  Our Tesla coils produce amazing results in venues both large and small.  Have a specific music set you want to hear on a coil? Email us the tracks and we will test them on one of our rental systems!

Do You Make Other Devices?

Absolutely! While our specialty is Tesla coils, we have a wealth of power electronics and control knowledge. We’ve applied this knowledge to everything from government research to solar inverters and ferro fluid. Do you have an unusual project or application? Call us and we’ll find a solution!