Applied Tesla Technology, Inc.

Applied Tesla Technology does it all! From imagination to conception, from implementation to reality, we can make your project come to life. We are the world’s largest and most experienced Tesla coil company. ATTI has installed a wide array of high voltage and electromagnetic equipment in venues and events around the globe. As a full service research and development company, we provide the highest quality custom electrical engineering work, combined with mechanical design and fabrication, offering a complete turn key production. Our in house capabilities go beyond simple electrical devices to include custom software, cabling, and interface. We also manufacture all of our mechanical assemblies, structures and enclosures in house. This gives us the ability to customize equipment to fit your needs, and do it quickly. Equipment is available for rent or purchase from our diverse inventory. ATTI supports it’s equipment with experienced field service engineers who handle all aspects of installation and maintenance.  From small jobs to multiple year tours we are here to help you energize your audience with REAL LIGHTNING!  We can:

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CEO Aron Koscho at OKC Installation

    • Design electronics for the most creative and demanding projects.
    • Build your custom design on our large format CNC machine.
    • Weld metals with multiple processes, including TIG on aluminum, titanium, and stainless.
    • Design and fabricate PCBs.
    • Design and fabricate complex structures and enclosures in Solidworks.
    • Interface unusual devices across multiple platforms and various media, including music, pyro and lasers.
    • Design, debug, and implement embedded systems and custom firmware.

Aron Koscho

CEO & Chief Engineer

aron-koschoAron Koscho has spent much of his life studying the works of  Nikola Tesla. Working with the 100+  year old mechanical coil designed by Tesla, he quickly realized its limitations, and saw an opportunity to create a vastly superior coil using solid state technology. In 1998 he build one of the world’s first solid state Tesla coils. A decade ago Aron founded Applied Tesla Technology  to commercialize these  state of the art Tesla coils.

With his innate understanding of electricity, Aron has the unique ability to simplify the most complex high voltage challenges. More importantly he has the ability to communicate in a manner that anyone can understand. Aron listens. He shares your vision. Then he uses his extensive engineering knowledge and creativity to bring your vision to life. Aron Koscho is passionate about designing, building and supporting the most advanced, highest quality and most reliable high voltage equipment available anywhere.

Our History

Our background is rooted in the entertainment industry with origins going back to Kenneth Strickfaden’s work in the original Frankenstein movie. Ken later became friends with Bill Wysock and passed on his knowledge of working with these effects. Bill spent much of the 70′s, 80′s, and early 90′s pushing the nearly 100 year old Tesla technology to it’s limits. In the mid 90′s Jeff Parisse, an apprentice working with Bill, brought the commercial spark gap Tesla coil into it’s final form with kVA Effects and the model SG10 and SG20. These quickly became the standard. While each of these steps led to increasingly more capable equipment, the 100 year old technology couldn’t keep up with the demands of the high tech special effects industry. In the late 90′s Aron Koscho and Justin Hays began development on what Aron would ultimately perfect as the worlds first commercially viable solid state Tesla coil. This opened vast possibilities never before consider due to noise, weight, power, reliability, or size considerations. Aron Koscho started Applied Tesla Technology, Inc. to market this new generation of  Tesla technology. kVA Effects  quickly became his largest customer. After nearly 25 years Jeff Parisse retired. kVA Effects was acquired by Applied Tesla Technology in late 2012, making ATTI the worlds foremost provider of Tesla coils. Today ATTI  produces the highest quality, most reliable high voltage equipment  on the planet.